April’s Guest: Capt. Gonzalez of the Houston County Sheriff’s Department

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Apr 12, 2017 Comments Off on April’s Guest: Capt. Gonzalez of the Houston County Sheriff’s Department Brandon

Our guest speaker for this month will be Captain Antonio Gonzalez, Special Investigations for Houston County Sheriff’s Department, Dothan, AL. We would appreciate if the media would attend this meeting. We would like for you to come hear what Captain Gonzalez has to say about the many types of crimes and investigations the Houston County Sheriff’s Department deals with on a regular basis. Getting this information out to our public will help the people in Dothan know what they can do to help prevent crimes and the responsibility we have to notify the Sheriff’s Department or Dothan City Police if someone is aware of a crime that is being committed. Please come and help HCRW and speaker Captain Antonio Gonzalez help educate the people of Dothan.

Captain Antonio J. Gonzalez

Captain Antonio Gonzalez will be our speaker for Houston County Republican Women, Thursday, April 27, 2017. Captain Gonzalez was born in 1958 in Brownsville, Texas. He served four years in the United States Air Force and attended college in Rapid City, SD. He got his degree in criminal justice. Captain Gonzalez is married and has three children.
Captain Gonzalez began his career at The Dothan Police Department in 1987 as a patrol officer. He spent thirteen years in The Narcotics Division, four years in Investigations Division CID/JID, four years in Patrol. He took a position with Houston County Sheriff’s Office October 2007, with Special Investigations.

Special Investigations involves many different crimes. The Dothan Chamber of Commerce will be sponsoring “Small Business Week” May 4-8, 2017. Captain Gonzalez’s presentation during this week will include these safety topics: Human Trafficking, Social Networking, Fraud/Scams, Gangs/Drugs, Work Place Violence. He will be discussing illegal possession and distribution of alcohol. These types of alcohol raids lead to other areas such as drugs on premises, and weapons. When you have this type environment, tempers flare and lead to other things such as arguments with weapons involved, murders, people driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol or a death involving another vehicle. A lot of the people that are involved are 19-20 years old. Captain Gonzalez reports that there is a lot of meth trafficking in Dothan and the surrounding area.

Captain Gonzalez says that the Sheriff’s Department has gotten tips from social networking sites, investigated, and made arrests. One of the biggest issues they see is sharing inappropriate photos, especially those under the age of 18.

Due to the social media increasing in size every year, illegal use of the sites are also increasing. Captain Gonzalez’s states that crime fighting is crime fighting, old school or new school. Catching the bad guy is catching the bad guy. Learning the techniques is what makes it stressful. Captain Gonzalez says that stress is because social networking sites can be just as much a tool for the bad guys as it is for law enforcement. Most police and sheriff departments have investigators trained in social media techniques to collect information or evidence to be used in court. He tells everyone if they see something on social networking sites that indicates someone is committing a crime you should call your local police or sheriff’s department. The crime situations or cases they are involved with are also in assistance with The Dothan Police Department and when necessary, The FBI.
When you see a policeman, a military person, or anyone in uniform always remember to tell them they are “Great Americans” and thank them for their service.